Research Update

October 2017

We have now interviewed 14 women, and have another four women booked in for interviews – it’s a busy time! We thought we’d share a bit about who we’ve been talking with, as they have been a really varied group.

In terms of cause of early menopause, five women experienced spontaneous EM, five
experienced either ovarian suppression or EM following breast cancer treatment, three experienced EM following surgical removal of the ovaries for ovarian cancer, and one woman went into EM as a result of a hysterectomy following damage to her ovaries caused by severe endometriosis.

Three women were from regional Victoria, and 11 from metropolitan Melbourne. They were aged between 32 and 49 at the time of the interview, and the average age at which they were diagnosed with early menopause was 37. Ten women were born in Australia and four overseas, while thirteen women identified as being from Australian,  British or Canadian backgrounds and one woman as from a Chinese background.

Eight women had children, while six did not (of these, five had wanted to have children). Four women were single, and ten were married or in a de facto relationship.  Most were in paid employment – some full-time, some part-time, and a couple in casual or voluntary roles. One woman was not working as had only recently completed cancer treatment.

In our next post, we’ll provide a snapshot of the health professionals we’ve interviewed so far.