Conference Presentations

Flore J, Johnston-Ataata K, Kokanovic R, Vincent A, Boyle J and Teede H. (forthcoming) Early menopause, social stigma and the complexities of embodied ageing. The Australian Sociological Association Health Day, UNSW, Sydney, 13 October 2017.

Interesting papers we’ve read recently*:

Aleksova J, Kuczynska-Burggraf M, Ranasinha S and Vincent A. (2017) Information on early menopause: Is the internet the place to search? Climacteric. 20(3): 248-255.

Perz J, Ussher J and Gilbert E. (2014) Loss, uncertainty, or acceptance: Subjective experience of changes to fertility after breast cancer. European Journal of Cancer Care. 23(4): 514–522.

Boughton M and Halliday L. (2008) A challenge to the menopausal stereotype: Young Australian women’s reflections of ‘being diagnosed’ as menopausal. Health and Social Care in the Community. 16(6): 565-572.

* by Australian researchers